Marinated Olives or Spiced Nuts


Homemade Chips and Salsa


Loaded Potato Chips


Homemadechips topped with cheese and bacon

Blue Chips


Homemade chips topped with buffalo sauce, bacon, and blue cheese crumbles



Served with veggies and toasted flatbread

Mini Cheese Plate


Served with fruit. Add Renfro or Salami $1.50

Brie cheese


Served with Fruit

Fried Potato Balls


Garlic Potatoes, with cheese and bacon. Served with a side of ranch.

Mini Sliders and Fries


Chose from Cheeseburgers, Crispy or Grilled Chicken, Chicken salad or Ham and Cheese

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks and Fries


Jalapeno Poppers and Fries


Cheesy Flatbread with Balsamic


Flatbread with Garlic Butter and Mozzarella

Chicken and Fries


Four Chicken Strips with fries and BBQ sauce

Cheese Crisp


Large tortilla topped with combo cheese and side of salsa

Chicken Quasadilla


Flour Tortilla stuffed with, cheese, chicken, green bellpeppers, jalapenos and tomatoes



Homemade chips and saba, cheese sticks, chicken tenders, Jalapeno poppers and french fries

Meat & Cheese Selection

Choose from any 3 for $15.00 | Each additional item $4.00

Served with Fresh Fruit, Spiced Nuts, and Marinated Olives

Danablue Danish Blue Chesse

Danablu is a semi-soft blue veined cheese, madefrom cows milk

Somerdale Red Dragon Welsh Rarebit

Somerdale Red Dmgon is made from English Cheddar, combined with mustard seeds and ale


Manchego is Spain's most famous Cheese. Produced in La Mancha in Central Spaim

Smoked Gouda

Smoked Gouda made by smoking the cheese over hickory chips in brick ovens.


Brie is a soft cow's milk

Habanero Jack

This special Monterey lack is flavored with habanero and red bell peppers

Wensleydale with Blueberries or Cranberries

Wendeydale is a crumbly young cheese with natural sweet milk and lactic flavours

Cheddar Onion and Gariic

This Cheddar has the traditional flavors of onion and garlic

Cheddar Cheese with Port Wine

Port Wine Cheddar is a spreadable delight crafted ornately from aged Wisconsin cheddar cheese and Port Wine

Boursin Gariic and Herb Cheese Spread

Subtly robust blend of garlic and herbs

Meat Selection

Renfro Smoked Sausage
Salami with Sriracha